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MRP AutoRub Silicone Hoses

MRP AutoRub has specialized in the Design and manufacture of High-performance Silicone Hoses for high-demand applications. We can design and manufacture the Silicone Hoses as per the Application requirements (or) Customer's Specifications. In addition, Our Silicone Hoses are available in a wide variety of Profiles and Reinforcing materials as below to meet the stringent service conditions.

Polyester : upto 180C

Aramid (Nomex) : upto 260C

Having, in-house designed R&D Facility to validate the performance of Hoses at our end and taking the necessary actions for continuous Improvements.




  • 3 or 4 Ply Silicone Aramid or Polyester reinforced configuration
  • Economical for a wide variety of Turbo charger, Charge Air Cooler and Engine applications as connectors 
  • Available from Inner Dia 15mm to 150mm 
  • Provides excellent resistance to a wide range of Temperature extremes (-55C to 260C) 
  • Excellent resistance to Hardening, Ageing, Cracking, UV and Ozone Attack. 
  • Excellent Flexibility and retains it even in severe conditions and kinking Turbocharger Connections also 
  • Perfect Air Flow with Low Friction Excellent Electrical Insulation properties 
  • Capable to withstand slight Misalignment and isolating Vibrations between Hose ends 
  • Convolutions increase flexibility in high vibration situations 
  • Resistant to minor Oil splash and Petrochemical Exposure 
  • The smooth bore design of the hose reduces friction loss and internal abrasive wear

Fluorocarbon / FluoroSilicone Lined Silicone Hoses

  • Fluorocarbon/FluoroSilicone Lined Silicone Hoses are available for Increased petrochemical Combustion residue resistance and 
  • Meeting the EURO IV & V requirements for reduced emissions


  • Straight Hoses 
  • Transition Hoses (Reducer Diameter) 
  • Elbows Hoses at any Radius and Angle 
  • Convoluted Hoses
  • Flexible Hoses

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ISO / TS-16949 : 2009

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